The Fish Reef Colorado new store build and install (Apple Store Concept)

May 4, 2019

Colorado January 10th.


It all started from the Reef Builders YouTube video. Josh (owner of The Fish Reef) wanted something different, unique, “Apple Store” like. Once viewing the YouTube video he knew our rack systems were the ones for him. He got a hold of us and we could sense the emotion and excitement coming out of him.
Josh was looking for something much different than what we have seen out there, the new type of fish store. Everything had to be modernized. Everything had to be sleek. When we spoke more in depth with Josh we asked him what his main goals for his store were. Josh mentioned to us that he wanted to make an impression on everyone that would walk into his store. Not only was he looking for a aesthetic impression of his store, he wanted to impress everyone with the livestock he was bringing in, the customer support he was going to provide, and the all around professionalism.
Right of the bat Josh wanted the white Retail Rack Systems, those were going to ”Bring out the Apple Store look” is what he told us… 10 of them to be exact, with 2 of our Frag Systems. Order was placed and the date was set for installation, we were going to Colorado!
Meeting Josh was as expected: fun, humorous, and enthusiastic, the PERFECT type of person to run a fish store. The first day was simple, chatted from the airport to the fish store (he insisted on picking us up instead of getting an Uber). Once at the store we planned out his layout, made minor adjustments and got straight to work.
First step was to build the stands, all of them. For those that have gotten our installation service know that when we work….WE WORK! Threw some music on and we got straight to building. Once the stands were fully built we placed the tanks on just as Josh wanted his configurations: 3s on top, 1s in the middle, and 2s at the bottom. Next step, gluing. As one person tediously glued all the plumbing, the other threw all the trash out to keep the place in a safe workable environment. Glue was done and we were ready for lifting.
Early the following morning it was time to move all the Rack Units and Frag Tanks to its appropriate place. Using our experience, our tricks, and our knowledge the task was done nice and smoothly, leaving Josh more than impressed! Just like that, the Retail Rack systems and Frag Tanks were done, installed, and ready for water. Josh decided to add water as soon as we had finished. Before we knew it, the units were full with water and cycling!
Working with Josh was an awesome experience. We are glad to be a part of this amazing project, The Fish Reef. Be sure to visit them, you will NOT be disappointed! Thank you for the opportunity Josh and much luck to you! The Fish Reef

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