PLS-50 Elite II Nano Protein skimmer


*NOW IN STOCK, ships out within 1 day of your order* Nano in size with huge performance! Pushing protein skimming design and technology to the limits is our world Famous PLS-50 line of Pipe-less protein skimmers, where inch for inch the MOST powerful and potent protein skimmer in the industry. At the inception of the original PLS-50 skimmer, we were aiming to make a 50G Protein skimmer as small as possible. We thought about how we can improve on an already breakthrough skimmer as the original PLS-50 Elite. 2 years of research and development with continuous improvements we have come up with the 3rd Generation PLS-50 Elite II. We increased the strength of the skimmer all around from the body to the pump and all the detail making the PLS-50 Elite II more powerful than ever. With all the improvements, the most exciting thing is the compact size (our PLS Pipeless line of skimmers are famous for) at 3.25″ x 3.5″ x 16″ overall Features of the NEW 3rd Generation PLS-50 Elite II



  • Dimensions: 3.25″(L) x 3.5″(W) x 16″(H).
  • Winner of editor’s choice award on Reef-Builders,com. Most Powerful nano-reef protein skimmer in the market.
  • Craftsmanship quality and durability 100% Cell-cast acrylic and solid PVC neck.
  • Patented Pipe-Less protein skimmer controls
  • 50G Capacity
  • Protein skimmers and other filtration equipment are not returnable once used in aquarium or exposed to waste.





Powerful Deisgn.

Inch by Inch the strongest skimmer n the world. The PLS-50 Elite II offers High air volume intake, dwell time and fractionation to pull out the most gunk (DOC’s) from your reef aquarium giving you pristine water quality.

Combines Art and Engineering

Each one of the PLS-50 Elite II is hand built individually by acrylic craftsman ensures precision performance and aesthetic Beauty.

Patented Pipeless design

Uniquely designed that differs from all skimmers is its ultra space saving “Pipeless” design, making the PLS-50 Elite II 40% smaller than other skimmers of its capacity.

Needlewheel impeller.

Just like any large capacity protein skimmer, the PLS-50 Elite II having a high air volume intake MUST pair with an equally efficient Needle-Wheel impeller to maximize its performance. Needle-Wheel impellers whip up the air bubbles coming in, into perfectly sized micro-bubbles that attract the most DOC’s (Dissolved Organic Compounds) AKA Gunk, Skimmate.

Industrial strength materials

The PLS=50 Elite II uses a heavy duty solid PVC neck, Cell-cast acrylic body, silicone tubes which all contributes creating the best skimmer overall.

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