PGX-2000 Protein Skimmer


Truly Combines Art and Engineering for the highest standards of performance, craftsmanship and beauty. The PGX-2000 is used for Marine and Reef Aquariums.

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All About control

The Mode Aquariums Pipeless gear controlled outlet provides an ultra-responsive foam level adjustment that is smooth and extremely easy to turn. Paired with a high-performance controllable DC pump and adjustable air silencer, the PGX series offers our signature three point control system of control giving you the ultimate supervision over your skimmers performance. Whether it’s removing organic waste to chemical overdose, the 3-point control system of the PGX skimmers can work in all circumstances where other skimmers will lose control. The precision controls also make it possible to operate the skimmer in a wide range of water depth ranging from 4” to 10”.


Mode Aquariums is OBSESSED with going above the norm and looking for ways to provide users with the ultimate experience. The controllable DC water pump houses a custom needle-wheel impeller that blends an incredible amount of air and water to create ultra-fine foam for optimal DOC (Dissolved Organic Waste) removal. As the turbulent water exits the pump it is gently muffled by the bubble plate which increases dwell time inside the large reaction chamber which results in maximum waste removal.

Ingenious Design

Each skimmer is perfectly matched with a high-quality DC water pump that gives the user complete electronic control and operates quietly with minimal electrical consumption. Our PGX skimmers do not utilize bulky outlet pipes or valves which cuts down on the overall footprint giving you more room inside your sump. In just a few quick steps, the entire skimmer can be easily taken completely apart for cleaning.

Craftsman quality

The materials are only as strong as how well they are assembled. Our team of acrylic craftsmen have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and assembling acrylic aquarium products. All of the components are prepared by precision engineered CNC routers and laser cutters which give you the security that each and every skimmer will look and perform exactly as promised.

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