PGX-1000 Protein Skimmer


The PGX-1000 is for the marine aquarists who are expecting the most from their skimmer, putting it to the test for giving you the best water quality.

Tested extensively in fish whlolesalers, stores and custom home aquariums, the PGX-1000 has always proven its performance in all of these conditions. These professional grade skimmers is our latest breakthrough design which truly combines what our Core stands for which is Art and Engineering. The PGX skimmer uses our latest Pipeless® Gear controlled design to give you truly engineered precision controls that are sensitive to your commands as well as stable in all light to heavy loaded Marine/Reef aquariums. The PGX uses a Dual drain plate that is completely perforated on the bottom and not just short-cut of a single drain hole. It uses 90 precision Gear teeth for perfect control. Each PGX Professional grade skimmer comes with a Custom high performance Sicce pump to ensure high performance and durability.

PGX-1000 filter
  • Rated for Marine and Reef Aquariums ranging from: 600G Heavy loads, 800G Medium loads, 1000G Light loads.
  • Energy efficient at 70 Watts x 2 (dual pumps)
  • Dimensions: Length 23” x Width 15” x Height 22”. Neck size: 4 ½”.
  • Pump: 2- Custom Sicce PSK-1200, 120GPH 1400LPH air draw.
  • High air-draw air silencer
  • 2 Precision interlocking gear plates
  • Soft touch control knob allows highly accurate adjustments. Each adjustment has an immediate response time as the entire skimmer body is perfectly sealed.
  • Industrial grade performance


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