PGX-1000 Protein Skimmer


The PGX-1000 is for the marine aquarists who are expecting the most from their skimmer, putting it to the test for giving you the best water quality.

  • Rated for Marine and Reef Aquariums ranging from: 600G Heavy loads, 800G Medium loads, 1000G Light loads.
  • Energy efficient at 70 Watts x 2 (dual pumps)
  • Dimensions: Length 23” x Width 15” x Height 22”. Neck size: 4 ½”.
  • Pump: 2- Custom Sicce PSK-1200, 120GPH 1400LPH air draw.
  • High air-draw air silencer
  • 2 Precision interlocking gear plates
  • Soft touch control knob allows highly accurate adjustments. Each adjustment has an immediate response time as the entire skimmer body is perfectly sealed.
  • Industrial grade performance

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