PGX-1.5 Reef Sump


Mode Aquariums PGX Advanced reefing sumps – Truly Combining Art and Engineering. Dimensions 19″ x 18″ x 15″. Recommended for Aquariums 40G-80G

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True All-In-One solution:


The PGX is not just a pretty looking box, it is packed with performance proven design features using our 20 years of experienced staff to give you a complete solution to any reef or marine aquarium. Using the finest Cell-cast acrylic material including Lexan® covers to prevent warping, we use the latest technology of CNC Laser, routers, polishers and acrylic craftsman there is not a detail that is overlooked in the PGX sumps. From the moment you turn the pump on and the water flows through it, you will see the efficiency the PGX offers you, stability, and reliability space saving and even beautiful.

We are OBSESSED with silence

The all-inclusive design includes the ultra silent and ZERO internal ducting splashing filter sock intake chamber. The ducting system removes all turbulence and hard splashing and creates a soft and gentle water flowing into the filter socks, without the excess splashing, we virtually eliminate the overall sound down to less than a “soft whisper” 20dB.

Neatly covered

All of the PGX sumps come with custom Lexan® covers, that further keep your filtration equipment and cabinetry neat, clean and dry. Any experienced acrylic craftsman knows that acrylic is notorious for warping in humid and warm conditions which perfectly matches the conditions in an aquarium cabinet. The Mode PGX sumps using the Lexan® covers, will not warp or bend and provide excellent durability against breakage. The covers also further reduce noise and evaporation.

Skimmer chamber

A revolutionary design of the Mode PGX sumps is the skimmer chamber. It is very spacious frontal viewing window and an adjustable baffle wall to make it compatible with all high-performance protein skimmers on the market. One awesome feature is if paired with our equally impressive PGX protein skimmers, it can literally fit perfectly inside with a completely sealed cover putting all the controls on your fingertips conveniently positioned above the sump. Dimensions 5″ x 6″

Refugium chamber

Next to the skimmer chamber is the refugium area. Refugiums have become an indispensable attribute of a successful reef aquarium and the PGX took that to the next level by increasing its efficiency. Creating soft and gentle water flow through the refugium allows maximum dwell time, another cool feature is its adjustable height baffle walls. We include Frag racks for those who want to push their refugiums a little further. These racks can grow a variety of plants and animals. Dimensions 5 1/2″ x 7″

Marked reservoirs

Have you ever wondered exactly how much water you have in your sump, so you know exactly how much to dose additives and top off? Well, wonder no more, because in each of the Mode PGX sumps, they are laser etched markings that tell you your exact volume in the sump.

Pump chamber

Here is where literally the “Heart” of the system goes. With all that’s going on in this chamber, it needs to be organized and maximize efficiency. Neatly designed are the return ports for the pump to attach to, so no more dangling aquarium tubes covered in dried salt. An extra port is put in for standby for chillers or anything else that needs to be returned to the aquarium. We have also added an ATO float valve featuring Non-Corrosive marine grade plastics. Simply hook up ANY gravity fed ATO line into it and it will automatically fill your sump back up. Did I mention that the ATO float valve also is adjustable height as well? Never allow your pump (heart) to run dry again! Dimensions 9 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ 

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