Powder coated aluminum custom stand kits


Introducing our Infinity Series Custom aquarium stands. Each one of the stands are designed with durability, adaptability and ease of assembly in mind. The stands are crafted from corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminum tubing joined by industrial strength channel connectors (No welding or complicated assembly needed) and assembles in minutes. These are the same stands we use in our commercial aquarium systems that are the backbone of entire aquarium and pet stores. With a focus on adaptability, we can custom-cut each stand to your desired size, ensuring a perfect fit for your aquarium.

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Experience the ultimate convenience, time saving and high performance with our Infinity Series powder-coated aluminum custom aquarium stands. Whether you have a small tank, large tank, single row, multi-level row, for your home or an aquarium/pet store, our Infinity custom stands can DO IT ALL! Just send us your dimensions, and we will cut and have it shipped out within 5 days. Using the same materials and channel connector system as our Infinity series and Commercial rack systems, you will get a stand that is engineered for corrosion resistance, incredibly strong, lightweight with unmatched convenience that anyone can assemble within minutes. No professional skills are required—simply tap in with a mallet and a drill in anchor screws for easy assembly. Say goodbye to MDF aquarium stands and tricky assembly instructions and embrace a seamless solution for your aquarium stand needs. Below are some popular sizes we have standard, but keep in mind they are designed for your custom sizes, so feel free to send us your desired dimensions (Length X Width X Height) and WE WILL DO THE REST!

Choose from our selection of popular sizes or send us your custom

dimensions, and we’ll create a stand that suits your needs. We will cut to size, pack all assembly components and ship directly to you in 5-7 business days.

Experience the convenience, durability, and adaptability of our Infinity Series

custom-made aluminum aquarium stands today.


* Corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum tubing and channel connectors

* Fast & Simplistic assembly, no complicated tools, professional skills required. all you need is a mallet and drill

* Custom made to your specific dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

* Fast turnaround time. We can cut, pack and ship out to you within 5 business days.

* FREE SHIPPING to continental US, additional fee for shipping for international, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska

* Can be taken apart for moving or storage and then assembled back multiple times

All stands come complete and shipped to you with Pre-cut powder coated aluminum tubings, channel connectors, leveling rubber feet that can simply be assembled using a mallet and drill.

Our powder coated aluminum stands will give you the best performance and peace of mind knowing your aquarium is secure.100% Corrosion resistant, rust-proof, does not swell or weaken like MDF.

Wide openings on all sides give you full access to your filtration system. This makes storing and servicing your filter equipment simple and easy for even the most complex filtration systems.

The wide openings on all sides gives you maximum space to house multiple pieces of filtration equipment and plenty of access space for you to work on them during set up and maintenance.

Our stands work as a single row for holding 1 aquarium or can expand to multiple rows for vertically stacking multiple aquariums.This can maximize your footprint to hold multiple tanks while having complete views of the displays. Great for commercial settings like our aquarium rack systems and space saving applications

standard sizes:

36 x 18 x 36 ($414.99)

48 x 18 x 36 ($449.99)

60 x 18 x 36 ($684.99)

72 x 18 x 36 ($749.99)

24 x 24 x 36 ($374.99)

36 x 24 x 36 ($514.99)

48 x 24 x 36 ($564.99)

60 x 24 x 36 ($709.99)

72 x 24 x 36 ($749.99)

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