DC-6000 Pump


With the latest technology and 20 years of pump making experience, we introduce to you our DC-series pumps. What set our DC pumps apart from other pumps on the market are its high quality materials, Durable design and extreme energy efficiency.

Imagine a high flow rate pump with high vertical head pressure and only consume 40%-50% of electricity as a standard sump pump? That is what our DC series pumps can do for you. Built with a high quality and extra durable designed control module, made of aluminum allows long lasting performance and convection cooling. The controller is an innovative Power meter that shows you exactly its performance. It’s great for ALL Aquatic animals from Marine to Freshwater and everything in between.

Wattage(Power consumption): @1250GPH is 15W, @1375GPH is 20W, @1500GPH is 25W

Hmax (Vertical Head Pressure) @15W is 98” High, @20W is 118” High, @25W is 138” High

Additional information

Dimensions 9 x 3.5 x 5 in


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