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Whether you are planning on opening up a new store or give your current store a modern makeover for more efficiency and Beauty, our Complete Aquarium retail system is the best choice. Having custom-built many high-end aquarium stores for over 20 years, we have focused on all of the features and functions that aquarium stores are looking for with our All-In-One system. Our aim is to design a package that is high quality, durable, efficient and aesthetically pleasing that is also a Turnkey system that you can set up an entire uniform wall displays or sectionals in shorter walls with one or two with ease and simplicity.


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Support/stand and frame

Each retail aquarium system comes with a water-proof powder coated aluminum stand, wrapped with heavy duty solid Marine grade plastics that are strong and durable against all weathering and highly impact resistant as well. Feel free to wet, scrub and spray the entire system with water for fast and simple clean up. Each stand and frame is flat packed and arrives ready to assemble with standard tools such as a drill, mallet, screw driver etc. Every level comes with a heavy duty “flip-up” cover for easy access to the livestock as well as covers up the internal workings of the system. Each door is counter balanced that can stay open while you work.

Aquarium and Specs

Each one of the aquariums in the retail system is built using our expert craftsman who also builds our famous Artisan® aquariums, so each tank will have the hallmarks of our modern aquariums of the highest quality such as Starfire glass, rimless diamond polished edges, solid black seams that are perfectly tooled straight with no bubbles. Each one of the tanks provides a special solution. One of the tanks have no dividers for large fish who need extra space, tank #2 has 1 divider for medium fish or each side can be used for livestock that normally arent compatible and tank#3 has 2 dividers or 3 sections great for dividing up aggressive fish or to expand your variety in a single space. All of the tanks come with glass sliding doors to keep the fish safe from jumping, yet easy to open for access. (Specs) The tank dimensions are 42″ x 20″ x 14″, with a volume of 50 gallons each. The overall dimensions, including the stand, plumbing, and siding panels, are 48″ x 24″ x 94″. The tank is equipped with water and moisture resistant LED light fixtures. These fixtures have an output of 35W and provide 420nm actinic blues and 10K white daylights, making them ideal for LPS (Large Polyp Stony) corals and all marine fish. There are two manual buttons to control the blues and white lights separately. Tank #1 does not have any sections and measures 41.25″ x 19.25″. Tank #2 is divided into two sections, each measuring 21″ x 19.25″. Tank #3 has three sections, each measuring 14.75″ x 19.25″. The tanks are made of ultra-clear low-iron glass with acrylic partitions. The stands for the tanks are made of powder-coated aluminum, which is corrosion-resistant. The covering of the tanks is made of impact-resistant marine-grade plastics, available in matte black or gloss white. There is a left-side rear overflow box with a built-in water change valve. The tanks come with a complete plumbing system for the drain, return, bypass, water change, and gutter drain manifold. The tanks feature counterbalanced flip-up doors. These doors can be opened and will stay in place when flipped up, allowing easy access to the tank’s interior.


The retail commercial system comes with an extra large full sized sump that is fitted for multiple chambers fully compatible with mechanical, chemical biological filtration. We designed each sump to be compatible with most equipment so you can add in protein skimmers, pumps, reactors etc to really customize the system for a wide range of livestock.


This part we designated a lot of time to design as we wanted efficiency and simplicity. It is built with a high speed drain/return for filtration, bypass feature for just in case if one tank gets sick, you can skip that tank straight to the next one to prevent the spread of disease. A key feature is that the plumbing system allows you to do “Bucket-less” and “Tube-less” water changes. Each tank comes with a water change valve that you can open up and drain out the desired amount for your water change. It drains into a drain manifold that connects to each set and then drains the water out from one “gutter pipe” that can be connected to a main drain of your store. So no more water changing with a bucket, siphon tube and making the floors wet. The other goal was to make sure the plumbing is simple and easy to assemble and put together. All plumbing parts are pre-cut and measured ensuring you time saving and fast installation.


Every display tank comes with its own custom fitted LED light that puts all of the beauty on full display. It’s great for all types of Marine livestock including LPS corals. Designed to be high performance yet energy saving at only 35W and 2 colors (10K and 420nm Actinic blues) on 2 circuits that you can control. Every light also comes with a waterproof cover to give you long lasting and durable use. Combine it with our energy efficient Mode DC Series pump 1750GPH for a combined energy use of 125W.


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