Betta/Invert systems

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Our Betta/Invert systems are a game-changer for aquarium and pet stores in displaying, selling and keeping delicate specimens such as Betta fish and Invertebrates in both Freshwater or Marine. Featuring a luxurious black glass exterior with a central 3-stage wet-dry filter system that gives you the highest water quality for Fresh and Salt water. There is 4 rows of display tanks and LED lighting to show of all the beauty of the specimen individually. Ease of packing up as the customer can see exactly what they want. Easy to keep inventory as you can clearly see all the specimens individually all at once (helps reduce ordering too much or too little). Having a small footprint of only 33″ x 12″ x 58″, our Betta/Invert system will maximize the efficiency of your store. Whether you have a wall space or a vacant spot, the system will fill it with an aquatics display that draws your customers attention. Built entirely of non-corrosive materials using glass and powder coated aluminum, guarantees you long lasting beauty with many years of continued use.

New “DOUBLE DISPLAY” tanks available upon request. If you want the double display tanks (8″x4″x6″), on your order “NOTES” just type in “DOUBLE SIZE TANKS” and we will change to the double displays at no extra charge for your betta/invert system.

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Each system comes with 4 rows of 8 (.4 Gal) display tanks for a total of 32 tanks. These tanks can easily and quickly slide in and out allowing the specimen to be poured into a bag without the use of any harmful and damaging nets. The system is perfect for fragile creatures such as bettas, shrimps and other inverts. Each display tank has a drain hole in the back and sits on a flood table which drains down into a centralized sump. The filtered water is then pumped up to a manifold and split into 32 individual needle valves for flow adjustment into each display tank. There is a full length waterproof LED strip that lights up each row entirely for a total of 4. Internally they are built with a non-corrosive powder coated aluminum frame and externally wrapped with door panels coated with epoxy paint for ultimate water and weather proofing inside and out.


Dimensions of SINGLE display is 4″ x 4″ x 6″ (.4G)

DOUBLE display is 8″ x 4″ x 6″ (.8G)

Dimensions of stand 33″ x 12″ x 19″

Dimensions of top display: 33″ x 12″ x 39″

Overall dimensions: 33″ x 12″ x 58″

Comes with our super durable Powder coated Aluminum and Synthetic fiber board stand. Includes a Multi-chambered versatile 12G Sump that is suitable for Freshwater and Marine The top display is made of beautiful Black smoked glass.

Thoughtful design

Gives you a beautiful and efficient display of your Bettas and Inverts anywhere in your store. each cup slides in and out and poured into a bag not needing any harmful nets which can damage the delicate fins of bettas or tentacles of inverts.

Fits anywhere

Easily fits anywhere in a store whether it is against a wall, endcap to our aquarium rack systems or even back to back with another Bett/Invert system.

Filtration Power

The crystal clear difference that sets our system apart is its multi-staged external sump system that can be used for ALL types of specimens from Fresh water to Marine, making it very adaptable for all types of aquarium and pet stores alike. Just add the pump and filter material of your choice and you can have full range of aquatics for display. The Betta/Invert filtration system allows a centralized biological, mechanical and chemical filtration for the highest quality water so you and your customers can feel the specimens are kept in a very healthy environment.

Built-in lighting and individual control valves

There are 32 individual cups in the system, each with its own needle control valve to adjust the flow speed for each cup. full length LED light strip to clearly see the displayed livestock.

Stands are efficient and beautiful

The systems are a luxurious black glass finish which blends seamlessly and beautifully to all decors.


Every aspect is built with non corrosive materials such as PVC panels, powder coated aluminum framing, waterproof LED strips and wrapped in synthetic fiber boards for optimum weather and water resistant from black top and bottom, inside and out. powerful centralized wet-dry filter using a full “Flood table” on top gives you a full central filtration fit for any livestock.

Build the best store

Used individually or matching along with our other commercial systems, the Betta systems come together perfectly together for the perfect store

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