AIO Frag system (Long)

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AIO Frag system
Sold out, Pre-order now for June 25th – July 5th shipping. Our AIO Frag systems make it easy and efficient to display your beautiful corals to the customer with a direct front and top view of all the corals. Highly efficient system comes with a extra large 65G sump below with 4 return ports. Fits and matches perfectly when built along with our Commercial aquarium rack systems. Also works incredibly well as a standalone system for customers to walk all around, Peninsula style coming out from the wall or standard against a wall, there is so much ways to install our AIO Frag system for your store. Message us for Quantity discount quotes. ***Freight shipping included for Commercial address, for residential address will be additional charge***


Tank dimensions: 72 x 36 x 12
Powder coated aluminum stand. Dimensions are 72 x 36 x 36
Multi-chambered sump dimensions 48 x 18 x 18
Comes with complete plumbing kit

Beautiful display and all around functionality.

Designed to be used in all scenarios, whether you want to display your frags on all 4 sides of the tank as a walk around, front, 2 sides, front only or use 2 for a Back-to-Back double Peninsula, the AIO Frag systems will work great for you.


The stand is modern appeal with engineered toughness

All of our commercial systems are built with powder coated aluminum stands just like our aquarium rack systems to give you great quality and style to match. These stands are designed to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure and 100% full access on ALL 4 sides.

Side Peninsula Triangular overflow, with Closed loop wavemaking circuit

Side overflow box allows high flow draining with minimal sounds using the tried and tested 1.25″ Durso drain. Whats unique about our AIO Frag system is that is also has a 2nd plumbing circuit for a “Closed loop Wavemaker”. This 2nd set of holes and plumbing is designed to run independently using a wavemaking pump, so you can have the pulsing waves without the unsightly or impractical wave pumps hanging in/out the sides of your beautiful display.

The plumbing is efficient and inclusive.

each AIO Frag systems comes with all the plumbing so you can get started right away. Both the sump, overflow, wavemaking plumbing kits are all included. The AIO Frag system comes with the Industrial strength uPVC (Unplasticized PVC) which is more durable, non leaching and prevents bio-film/sludge build-up as compared to PVC and other plastics.

The filter system is thoughtful and adaptable

The heart of the aquarium is the filter and the AIO Frag sump adapts to any type of aquatics you wish to keep and equipment you wish to use with silent and high flow fluid dynamics design. Each chamber serves to give you the best filtration possible for all Marine and Reef use. Extra large 65G volume gives you a sump almost 75% of the frag tank itself! great for equipment, filtration media and longer lasting reservoir so you dont have to top-off as often

  1. 5 out of 5

    Picked up one for my home from a friend. As the owner of a aquarium stand and canopy company i some what made it my own by adding a mag wrap.

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