9G Zen Peninsula Nano


Find Your Zen: Perfect for any type of hobbyists – Novice or advanced, freshwater or saltwater, the Zen Series Nano Aquariums will provide an all-in-one solution for housing your aquatic pets. The Zen Peninsulas Nano’s are perfect for that spot that has multiple viewing angles such as middle of walls, walkways or counter tops. Peninsula aquariums offer a “walk-around” view of the aquatic life.



Zen Peninsula Nano aquarium
Zen peninsula nano
Zen Peninsula Nano aquarium tank

The aquarium is built with crystal clear low-iron glass that is comparable to Acrylic in clarity yet more than 10X the scratch resistance and durability. Clear seams.

  • 9 Gallons volume
  • Dimensions of 17.5” x 10” x 12.25”.
  • 3/16” Thick Low-iron crystal clear glass
  • Cell-cast acrylic filter wall


Zen Peninsula Nano aquarium filtration

Uses a multi-stage All-In-One multi-stage filtration system gives it a very versatile function for housing a wide range of aquatics from Reef/Marine to freshwater and plants.

  • Mechanical filtering medium coarse foam block
  • 1 LTR ceramic biological filter media
  • Top and bottom surface skimmers
  • 75GPH silent submersible pump


Zen Peninsula Nano aquarium lighting
Zen Peninsula Nano aquarium

Light is the source of life. The 5G Zen Nano’s are equipped with a powerful LED lighting system that is capable for a thriving reef as well as for freshwater plants. Technologically advanced LED’s are bright with beautiful color tones as well as energy efficient and low heat emissions

  • 5W LED Light
  • 10K to 20K to full Blue settings
  • Flexible goose neck
  • 360 degree rotating hinge
  • Space saving plug

Durable aluminum casing

Glass Cover

Zen Peninsula Nano aquarium glass

The Zen Nano’s are designed to look modern with the beautiful rimless look. If you have jumping fish or overly curious cats, the Zen Penisula Nano’s come with a glass cover system to keep all the things you want out as well as keep all the things you want in


5g zen nano aquarium pump

Comes with a Built-in 75GPH silent pump along with all the connections so you can start your aquarium up right away.

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