75G Peninsula Drop-off Aquarium


Mode Aquariums 75 Gallon Peninsula Drop-off Aquarium combines modern aquarium design with a unique shape that is truly impressive.

A rimless ultra-clear low iron aquarium is molded into a perfect drop-off peninsula that gives the viewer an interesting view from all three sides adding dimension and intrigue to any aquascape. At 36” long 24” wide and 20” tall the Drop-off is large enough to give you the freedom of housing a variety of animals without the constraints of smaller all in one tanks.


Great for all types of aquatics Marine, Reef, Freshwater

Total System Water Volume: 80 gallons

50 Gallon Drop-Off display 3/8” thick glass. Front, Back and side panel is Opti-white Low iron glass: 36” x 24” x 20”

25G 4 chamber Marine/Reef/Freshwater external sump

Piano Finished Maplewood stand: 36” x 24” x 40”

Includes a full glass canopy to protect inhabitants and reduce evaporation

High speed durso drain accommodates up to 1000 GPH

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