135G Infinity series aquariums

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IN STOCK. The 135G MODE Infinity has the industry rarity of Extra wide at 30” for the creative reefer who really want to reefscape completely different from the norm. This aquarium features our craftsman signature MODE “Top-layering Euro-bracing”. It’s strong and equally beautiful to look at, when the lights hit it; it will reflect a beautiful glimmer of accentuating light. Our goal for the Infinity aquarium was direct, to make a Reef aquarium that will bring the Reef hobbyists to the next level in beauty and functionality. Through 2 years of extensive designing, testing and obsessing over every aspect for the Infinity series aquariums, we have come up with a concept that merges all lines and levels of reef keeping. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional aquarium enthusiast, you can enjoy the features of the Infinity series offers and make your aquatic journey a pleasurable, fascinating and exciting one. Total dimensions including stand: 47.5″ x 29.5″ x 56″


Size: 135G Infinity Aquarium

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The Aquarium is a beautiful rimless look – euro braced design.

Water-Jet cutting and uses extra thick highest quality Low-iron Opti-white glass, diamond mitered edges for a true furniture finish. Aquarium dimensions are 47.5″ x 29.5″ x 20″

The stand is modern appeal with engineered toughness

Built with powder coated aluminum just like our commercial systems, these stands are designed to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure and 100% full access on ALL 4 sides yet still looking as beautiful as can be. The stands are all wrapped with all-weather proof synthetic furniture panels that are attached and detached through magnetic holders. Dimensions: 47.5″ x 29.5″ x 36″

The External overflow box is silent, powerful and out-of-sight

Sealed permanently on the exterior of the aquarium, the MODE Style external overflow eliminates the high risk of leaks of aftermarket overflow boxes. It is designed for high flow rates with minimal noise emissions.

The plumbing is beautiful and efficient.

Combining aesthetics and high performance we use the highest possible quality the world has to offer. The plumbing in the Infinity series is completely plumbed with hobby class Metric uPVC (unplasticized-PVC) fittings and components that guarantee the highest performance. Every plumbing part in the Infinity series are non-corrosive, non-leaching, no bio-film build-up and high pressure capacity in long term use.

The filter system is thoughtful and adaptable

The heart of the aquarium is the sump and the Infinity sump adapts to any type of aquatics you wish to keep and equipment you wish to use with silent and high flow fluid dynamics design. Each chamber serves to give you the best filtration possible for all Marine and Reef use. Comes with a filter sock, skimmer/equipment, refugium and pump chambers. The adjustable chambers allows for water level adjustment making it highly adaptable to how you wish to run your filtration style.

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