10G Zen Nano

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Find Your Zen: The Zen  Nano’s are great for all types of aquarium hobbyists from the novice to advanced ranging from Reef/Marine to freshwater and planted aquariums alike, it can do it all. The full range high-performance filtration includes all the filtration media, pump, fittings including the reef capable LED lighting system featuring innovative “Touch controls”. The Zen series Nano can work both with cover for jumping fish or beautiful modern rimless.

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10g zen nano aquarium tank
10g zen nano aquarium tank
10g zen nano aquarium tank

10 Gallons volume with dimensions of 13” x 13” x 13.5”. The aquarium is built with crystal clear low-iron glass that is comparable to Acrylic in clarity yet more than 10X the scratch resistance and durability.


Uses a multi-stage All-In-One filtration system with a mechanical filtration foam block, ceramic biological media and powered by a 75GPH pump. Zen Nano’s are designed for All types of aquatic life from Reef/Marine to freshwater fish and plants.


5g zen nano aquarium lighting

Light is the source of life. The 10G Zen Nano’s are equipped with a powerful “Touch control” LED lighting system that is capable for a thriving reef as well as for freshwater plants. Technologically advanced LED’s are bright with beautiful color tones as well as energy efficient at only 12W and low heat emissions. Simply “touch” the button and seamlessly switch from one setting to another, keep your finger on the light button and dim the light or brighten it back up. Space saving plug design.

Glass Cover

5g zen nano aquarium glass cover

The Zen Nano’s are designed to look modern with the beautiful rimless look. If you have jumping fish or overly curious cats, the Zen Nano’s come with a glass cover system to keep all the things you want out as well as keep all the things you want in.


5g zen nano aquarium pump

Comes with a Built-in 75GPH silent pump along with all the connections so you can start your aquarium up right away.


5g zen nano aquarium cabinet

The Zen Nano’s have a matching cabinet in Black or white if you have a spot you wish to let it stand by itself. The cabinets have 2 shelves that work great for storing supplies and ornaments.

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