Mode Aquariums trip to Reef-Builders new studio

October 16, 2018

It all sarted at MACNA Las Vegas 2018 when Jake saw our Retail Rack System and automatically fell in love with it. Speaking with someone so passionate about his work, we did not hesitate in teaming up with him and sending a unit out to Colorado to the Reef Builder’s studio.

Fast forward 2.5 weeks later and here we were in Denver, Colorado, the first industry person to set foot in the Reef Builders studio! The hospitality from Jake was amazing, a true professional. The studio layout was very clean, with some awesome tanks and equipment. But the main focal point (we hope) would be the new Retail Rack System we were there to assemble. Jake and myself got to work right away, laying all the components out and getting the tools ready for this easy set up. All in all, took us about 2 hours leisurely pace to finalize the build. Jake’s excitement throughout the process and at the end of the built really made me proud of the great work we have done with this rack system. From its modern look, to its simplicity build, this rack system is made to bring out the best out of your store!

Head over to Reef Builder’s YouTube channel for the full video of our stay in their studio.

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