Shortages/Damaged Shipments

PLEASE OPEN AND INSPECT ALL PACKAGES AND MERCHANDISE UPON ARRIVAL. Inspection report of physical damage is invalid if aquarium is filled with water or put into use such as chips, scratches etc. (excludes leaks or joint failure which is fully warrantied). Even if there is no outside damage on the shipping carton, this is to check for any concealed damage. MODE Aquariums must be notified within 24hrs after receipt of your order for any shortages or damages. ALL shipments are fully insured so it is important to keep all packing and shipping cartons in case of any inspections required by the carrier. All damages will be replaced by the same item at the discretion of MODE Aquariums. Sorry, NO subs on damaged items.


Product Limited Warranty and Defective Items

MODE Aquariums will provide a limited warranty for one year on the craftsmanship, seams and joints of the aquariums and circuitry of our products from the original date of purchase. This warranty DOES NOT include Physical damage to the aquarium glass itself, bulbs or internal pumps. Nor does the warranty imply or cover abuse, misuse, tampering, modifications or improper installation of any product manufactured by MODE Aquariums Returns on defective items must also call to obtain a RA # before shipping and must be sent via insured method. Items found to be defective shall be repaired or replaced at the discretion of MODE Aquariums all defective claims MUST be supported by dated photos, videos and original purchase invoice. MODE Aquariums will then cover the defective part and we will prepare one for you at no charge for the replacement, customer will only be responsible for shipping charges. All defective item(s) will be replaced by the same item(s) at the discretion of MODE Aquariums. Sorry, NO subs on defective item(s).

On-site commercial installation Limited Warranty

All Commercial Aquarium systems non-electrical components (Such as: glass aquariums, aluminum stand, plastic siding panels) are warrantied for 1 year for craftsmanship and defect. The glass aquariums are warrantied for leaks only and not for cracks, physical damage caused by use or mishandling. The stand and plumbing connections are warrantied for craftsmanship and defect. Warranty for stand and plumbing connections will be voided if any physical damage is caused by use, mishandling or modifications. All electrical components such as lights will carry a 1 year warranty for craftsmanship and defect. For power supplies and light fixtures, a replacement will be sent, either one or both if they are both found to be defective. There must be a photo or video sent to us detailing and showing the defect so we can assess the replacement part. All defective item(s) will be replaced by the same item(s) at the discretion of MODE Aquariums. Sorry, NO subs on defective item(s). All systems that are furnished and installed by Mode Aquariums must remain in its original installed location. If the commercial systems are to be transported, re-positioned, re-located or disassembled: 1) You may request MODE Aquariums to provide this service for you (additional fee may be required). 2) If you want to do so yourself, you will need to contact us (via: phone or email) for specific instructions on how our products are supposed to be transported, re-positioned, re-located or disassembled prior to move. Failure of client to contact us and request for specific instructions and you choose to do so yourself, the warranty is voided.